Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mineral Miracle

Don't we all want dewy, smooth, fresh-looking skin 24/7? 
well, this product will give you a helping hand!


I noticed that lots of make-up artists use this product backstage, as it energises the skin and keeps it soft and supple. It's great if like me you have dry skin because it instantly hydrates and softens dehydration lines. 

It can be applied before the make-up to prep the skin and/or after to set your make-up and make it last longer. Basically, if you've been at work all day and you notice your skin is looking a bit dull, but you have a night out ahead of you then a spritz of Charged Water is all you need to refresh your make-up and give you the boost of radiance you need!
I also think this is a great product for this time of year because your skin is more thirsty and it just feels really nice when your hot and bothered!

Charged Water contains caffeine and diamond powder which wakes up the skin, making it it look brighter. It also has a lovely fresh green tea and citrus fragrance.

How to use it:

Hold the bottle about half a metre away from your face and press the button firmly and fast, you want to achieve a mist rather than a speckled spray especially if your applying it over make-up as you don't want it to run. 

If your applying it before make-up spray it underneath your moisturiser for a radiant glow to the skin. 


MAC's Fix+ spray is a very similar product which gives you radiance and finishes off your make-up. It contains green tea, chamomile and cucumber which sooth the skin as well as having a refreshing zesty scent.

Personally I prefer the Mineralize Charged Water, as it gives more hydration,the caffeine makes you feel more revitalised and I just love the fact its got diamond powder in it!
However, if your priority is to set your make-up and make it last longer then Fix+ may be more efficient. 

FIX+ also comes in a travel size bottle, perfect to carry around in your hand bag and give you a boost on-the-go!



  1. wau, this looks great, do you think it works also for my combination skin? if yes, I am definitely buying it;)

  2. Hi Lucia, yes it works also for combination skin and doesn't leave your skin oily!


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