Monday, 30 July 2012

Keeping up with Kim

Kim Kardashian, the girl of the moment, but for the right reasons? I'm not sure. However, there is one thing I cannot argue with and that's her flawlessness! This lady always looks immaculate.

Although Astrid and I are not followers of her mind-numbing reality T.V show, we are always impressed by the make-up artistry behind her glamorous look, from sultry smokey eyes to luscious red lips, her make-up artists have got it down to a tee.
Judging by the amount of 'Kim Kardashian tutorials' posted on Youtube and the endless snaps of her in our glossy mags, whether it's her hair, her make-up or her butt, it's clear to see that we all want a bit of Kim.

We mustn't forget that this is a woman who's career is to look good, who openly injects her face with Botox and spends thousands of pounds on her appearance. So ladies, don't feel too bad! You can definitely achieve a Kim look just by using the right make-up and technique.

Kim's famous Features:

  • Full, well-groomed eyebrows(check out our Wow Brow post for tips!)
  • Prominent cheek bones 
  • Plump lips 
  • voluptuous,glossy hair

How I transformed Astrid into Kim...

Hair - I used 2 large rollers on the top of her head and 2 medium ones on the sides and back to create the big waves Kim always rocks!

I sprayed her hair with volumising spray first and hair sprayed once the rollers were on. 

Complexion - Kim is famous for her under eyes, not a dark circle in sight!
After buffing on MAC Face & Body foundation, I used MAC Studio Finish concealer under the eyes and YSL's touch ├ęclat as a highlighter - Apply under eyes, above cheek bones, brow bone and Cupid's bow for a luminous complexion.

Eyes - I did a traditional smokey eye on Astrid, using a light base colour, a medium brown for the socket and a black on the outer corner of her eyes. Kim's eyes are always really dark and sexy, so put lots of the dark colour on the lash line and along the bottom lashes as well as a black kohl pencil on the water line. I used Sleek nude palette, MAC smoulder pencil and Ardell demi wispies lashes.

Brows-  I filled in Astrid's eyebrows with a brown and a black powder (go to our 'Wow brow' post for my favourite brow products)and use a concealer underneath to give the brow that sharp finish that Kim's have

Cheeks - If like Astrid you don't have high cheekbones, you can most definitely fake it with some contouring. Here I used MAC Harmony blush, which is a great shade for doing this as it has more of a brownie tone. Apply it in the areas you want to create shadow, under cheek bones, under your jawline and if you want you can apply it to the sides of your nose to make it look narrow like Kim's.
You should then choose a peach blush to apply on the apples of the cheek, MAC Peaches Blush is a perfect colour for most skin tones.

Lips - I wanted to give Astrid Kim's trademark nude lips. I over lined with her favourite MAC lip liner Stripdown and then used MAC Angel lipstick, finishing off with a clear gloss and a dab of highlighter in the centre of her bottom lip to give it that pouty look.  

Our very own Kim!



  1. Wow- you look so pretty! Love how you nailed the look. Well done. X

  2. Hi,

    I really like what you did, it looks great. I just have a question; when you used the velcro rollers, was her hair wet or dry? It also seems like she has a lot of hair on the bottom that is not being rolled. Did you just leave that straight? A little more clarification in terms of what you did to her hair would be great. I have very thick, coarse and heavy hair, so would the velcro rollers still work for someone like me?




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