Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Channel 4 NYE "House Party" 2012-2013

If you were at a house party this New Year's eve, chances are Channel 4 was on in the background!
Following the success of the first 'House Party', a six hour tv take over with music and visuals from the biggest artists and Dj's on the planet...Channel 4 hosted it for the second time to see in the new year....
and we were invited!

So while you were downing jaeger bombs, we were busy working.... but it was all worth it!

backstage antics with host Charlie Sloth

Annie Mac after her set - Make-up still intact!

Hercules and Love affair


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Make-up Fashion

London fashion week has kicked off and we are loving the trends for the new season, from military McQueen to Erdem's bold prints, fur enhanced shoulders, leather and lace..there is only one rule, CLASH!

Whilst Dolce&Gabbana were taking inspiration from 17th Century Baroque for their designs, the make-up trend this autumn is going back to the 80's, bringing back the blue mascara.(yup,the one your mum used to wear) Pull back your hair, give yourself some power brows and 2012 lashes!

Other Catwalk trends:

                     Gucci                Burberry                Prada

I love the bright colours of the peacock and it makes any eye colour pop! I created a more wearable version of this Roberto Cavalli look for you to rock this party season...

Define your brows using a pencil or powder and prep your eye lids; I used Bobbi Brown's long-wear cream shadow in Bone, this product is great as it works as a base colour, evens out the skin and your eyeshadow will last longer.

Apply a purple eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes. Iridescent colours work best for this area as it opens up the eye and brightens. Also we are taking inspiration from the peacock feather, so you want to be using metallic and shimmery colours

Use a green eyeshadow all over the lid up to the socket line and along the bottom lid, build up the colour until your happy with the intensity. 

Blend the colour into the crease of your eye and outwards. Apply a darker colour on the outer corner of your eye and half way along the bottom lid. This will give your eyes some depth and pulling the colour outwards will give you that feather shape. I also dusted some gold pigment over the top of the green and in the inner corner of the eye.

Add some black liner on the waterline, (YSL's Long-Lasting eye pencil is fantastic)and a volumising mascara to finish off the look!

You can also try this with a blue mascara  to be super on-trend!


Monday, 20 August 2012

Simple Smoky Eye

The smoky eye is the most commonly worn make-up look and the one we get the most requests for. There are various ways to achieve a smoky eye, using different colours and textures although originally it was associated with dark colours such as black or grey. Nowadays as long as the colour has a strong pigment and its well blended, it's a smoky eye! The important thing is that the colours blend together, that there are no visible lines and that the outer edge fades to nothing 

Before you read on, check out our EYE DIAGRAM so you know where to direct your make-up brush!

Kristen Stewart's grungy smoky eye 

Kristen has great skin and normally uses very sheer products on it so I used Lancome Renergie Eclat Multi lift in shade 1 which is an illuminating tinted cream followed by Dior Diorskin sculpt concealer in shade 2 to cover dark circles and blemishes. The cheekbones have been very lightly contoured with La Femme Soft Beige Blusher.
On the eyes I started by applying Maybelline Tattoo Bad to the Bronze all over the top and bottom lid, blending well on the crease.I darkened the outer corners with MAC Embark eyeshadow and lined the waterline top and bottom with an intense black eyeliner pencil, Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner is fantastic! Smudge along the lash line and coat lashes with Lancome Hypnose Doll eyes mascara. 
Kristen's eyebrows are a very different shape to mine so I covered and concealed the outer half using PRITT stick and Kryolan dermacolor camouflage cream then drew them back on straighter, thinner and shorter with Rimmel eyebrow pencil in dark brown. 
The glue stick technique is often used in the make-up world to completely change the natural look of the eyebrows...

How to cover your eyebrows with glue stick!

  1. Make sure your eyebrows are clean of any product. This will help the glue stick to them.
  2. Drag the glue stick in the direction of the hairs and use your finger or a spatula to smooth your brows down as flat as you can. Wait to dry.
  3. Apply a thin second coat of glue and smooth it out with your finger again, making sure that the edge where the glue meets your skin is completely smooth.
  4. Use a brush or puff to set the glue with a fine layer of powder to absorb any last bit of moisture from the glue.
  5. Use a camouflage concealer on top and set it with powder.
By this point you will look like you have no eyebrows and you now have a blank canvas to create whatever shape you want!

To do an easy smoky eye
you will need... 
  • 2 eyeshadow colours - one can be a shade close to your skin colour and another darker shade of your choice.
  • 2 eyeshadow brushes - a flat one (MAC 239,above)which you will use to apply the shadow by patting and pressing the colour in, you will also need a blending brush (MAC 217, above) to blend the edges.
  • Eyeliner and mascara

useful info!
If your buying an eyeliner to go on the waterline of your eye, make sure it's a Kohl pencil NOT a waterproof one. People often make the mistake of thinking waterproof for the watery part of the eye, but a waterproof pencil doesn't usually stick to that area. The Kohl pencil has a waxy texture which works best on the waterline and on the skin. 

  1. Apply the lightest eyeshadow shade all over the eyelid.
  2. Start building up colour in thin layers with the darker shade blending the edges in small circular motions. 
  3. Line the waterline and smudge it if you wish
  4. Apply a few coats of mascara and voila!


The Eye

 When applying make-up to your eyes it's important to know where each colour goes as there are different parts of the eye that need highlighting or shading to make them appear larger or to alter their shape.

To make this easier and for you to get familiar with some make-up terminology, here is a diagram we've drawn up:


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Becoming B

Beyonce, the epitome of natural beauty. If there's anyone who can carry off pretty much any make-up trend, its her.

We know how great she looks with barely any make-up on and how well she pulls off 'the natural look', but when she's in Sasha Fierce mode (her onstage alter-ego), that's when she gets more experimental with her image and creates epic music videos with amazing outfits and dramatic make-up.

It's a hard task to pick a favourite Beyonce video, but one that really stood out for me was the 1950's, retro-styled 'Why Don't You Love Me',the make-up and costumes are to-die-for!
As the massive Beyonce fan that I am, it was only right to create a look inspired by the queen herself. Here is how Astrid transformed me into B...

After prepping the skin apply a lighter shade of foundation in the centre of the face and a darker one in the outer part (hairline, underneath the cheekbone and jawline) to contour, for this I used the RCMA foundation palette as there is a wide selection of shades. I applied MAC Peaches Blush on Gaby's cheeks and Dior Amber diamond highlighter on her cheekbones and cupids bow which will give the skin a beautiful Beyonce glow!  

In this video Beyonce's eyebrows are short, dark and defined so with a dark brown eyebrow pencil or powder create the shape and fill it in and you can lightly brush with a spoolie brush to make it look more natural. I used the darker colour from the HD brows compact.

On her eyes I used a creamy gold colour eyeshadow on the upper lid and then a dark brown on her crease, creating a winged shape socket line (Sleek nude palette is great for these colours).
I used Maybelline black gel eyeliner to create a dramatic line above the lash line and for the waterline I used MAC Smoulder  pencil and smudged underneath with MAC Deep Truth eyeshadow. I also placed a small amount of frosty light blue pigment in the inner corners of the eye and outer corners just below the liner to make her eyes appear bigger. To finish off the eyes we used Hypnose Precious Cells mascara and Shu Uemura Smoky layers lashes.

To give Gaby those full Beyonce lips, I used MAC stone lip liner to overline her lips giving her a more rounded shape and MAC Myth lipstick all over the lips blending it with the liner.

Our very own Beyonce!


Monday, 30 July 2012

Keeping up with Kim

Kim Kardashian, the girl of the moment, but for the right reasons? I'm not sure. However, there is one thing I cannot argue with and that's her flawlessness! This lady always looks immaculate.

Although Astrid and I are not followers of her mind-numbing reality T.V show, we are always impressed by the make-up artistry behind her glamorous look, from sultry smokey eyes to luscious red lips, her make-up artists have got it down to a tee.
Judging by the amount of 'Kim Kardashian tutorials' posted on Youtube and the endless snaps of her in our glossy mags, whether it's her hair, her make-up or her butt, it's clear to see that we all want a bit of Kim.

We mustn't forget that this is a woman who's career is to look good, who openly injects her face with Botox and spends thousands of pounds on her appearance. So ladies, don't feel too bad! You can definitely achieve a Kim look just by using the right make-up and technique.

Kim's famous Features:

  • Full, well-groomed eyebrows(check out our Wow Brow post for tips!)
  • Prominent cheek bones 
  • Plump lips 
  • voluptuous,glossy hair

How I transformed Astrid into Kim...

Hair - I used 2 large rollers on the top of her head and 2 medium ones on the sides and back to create the big waves Kim always rocks!

I sprayed her hair with volumising spray first and hair sprayed once the rollers were on. 

Complexion - Kim is famous for her under eyes, not a dark circle in sight!
After buffing on MAC Face & Body foundation, I used MAC Studio Finish concealer under the eyes and YSL's touch ├ęclat as a highlighter - Apply under eyes, above cheek bones, brow bone and Cupid's bow for a luminous complexion.

Eyes - I did a traditional smokey eye on Astrid, using a light base colour, a medium brown for the socket and a black on the outer corner of her eyes. Kim's eyes are always really dark and sexy, so put lots of the dark colour on the lash line and along the bottom lashes as well as a black kohl pencil on the water line. I used Sleek nude palette, MAC smoulder pencil and Ardell demi wispies lashes.

Brows-  I filled in Astrid's eyebrows with a brown and a black powder (go to our 'Wow brow' post for my favourite brow products)and use a concealer underneath to give the brow that sharp finish that Kim's have

Cheeks - If like Astrid you don't have high cheekbones, you can most definitely fake it with some contouring. Here I used MAC Harmony blush, which is a great shade for doing this as it has more of a brownie tone. Apply it in the areas you want to create shadow, under cheek bones, under your jawline and if you want you can apply it to the sides of your nose to make it look narrow like Kim's.
You should then choose a peach blush to apply on the apples of the cheek, MAC Peaches Blush is a perfect colour for most skin tones.

Lips - I wanted to give Astrid Kim's trademark nude lips. I over lined with her favourite MAC lip liner Stripdown and then used MAC Angel lipstick, finishing off with a clear gloss and a dab of highlighter in the centre of her bottom lip to give it that pouty look.  

Our very own Kim!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mineral Miracle

Don't we all want dewy, smooth, fresh-looking skin 24/7? 
well, this product will give you a helping hand!


I noticed that lots of make-up artists use this product backstage, as it energises the skin and keeps it soft and supple. It's great if like me you have dry skin because it instantly hydrates and softens dehydration lines. 

It can be applied before the make-up to prep the skin and/or after to set your make-up and make it last longer. Basically, if you've been at work all day and you notice your skin is looking a bit dull, but you have a night out ahead of you then a spritz of Charged Water is all you need to refresh your make-up and give you the boost of radiance you need!
I also think this is a great product for this time of year because your skin is more thirsty and it just feels really nice when your hot and bothered!

Charged Water contains caffeine and diamond powder which wakes up the skin, making it it look brighter. It also has a lovely fresh green tea and citrus fragrance.

How to use it:

Hold the bottle about half a metre away from your face and press the button firmly and fast, you want to achieve a mist rather than a speckled spray especially if your applying it over make-up as you don't want it to run. 

If your applying it before make-up spray it underneath your moisturiser for a radiant glow to the skin. 


MAC's Fix+ spray is a very similar product which gives you radiance and finishes off your make-up. It contains green tea, chamomile and cucumber which sooth the skin as well as having a refreshing zesty scent.

Personally I prefer the Mineralize Charged Water, as it gives more hydration,the caffeine makes you feel more revitalised and I just love the fact its got diamond powder in it!
However, if your priority is to set your make-up and make it last longer then Fix+ may be more efficient. 

FIX+ also comes in a travel size bottle, perfect to carry around in your hand bag and give you a boost on-the-go!


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